Monday, March 2, 2009

Table for Twelve

It looks like they are getting a series called Table for Twelve starting March 23.


Wendy Bird said...

I really didn't want the Hayes family to "go there." The only positive (because sadly the Hayes' have jumped on the exploitation train) is that the first episode is supposed to air right after the season finale of the Kon show.

I truly hope that America falls in love with the Hayes' and their show becomes TLC's new top-rated show so that when "Season 5" of the Kon show hits the air, everyone will be sooooo over them.

The Hayes parents exploiting their children is NOT acceptable, especially little Rebecca. As I mentioned when the special first aired; Rebecca can never speak for herself, she will never be able to say "no" to the cameras. As the mother of a child with a disability, who also cannot speak for himself, I find this tragic.

W&MGrad said...

While I do think that these candid reality shows can be done well, it is hard with young children. LPBW is an example of a show of this genre "gone right." The focus is not on the children as much as it is on the parents, the children's privacy is protected, they run shorter season with more time between when events occur and when they air, and they have a clear message of the show which they still adhere to (we can do everything anyone else can, just in a different way).

I did cave and watch the Duggars show today for the first time and it did surprise me that it wasn't the train wreck I thought it would be. I hope that the Hayes follow the Duggar/Roloff model and not go down the same path as the Gosselins.

Pamela Jaye said...

I just saw the promo for this. Very short.
Finally figured out where to post this. Should have known you had it covered.

TLC's website - I couldn't find anything there. nor google.

Shoot me. I really liked this family. Perhaps they can find a non-exploitative way to do a show.
And yes, I'd love for someone to push the her highness Kate off the air.
Maybe TLC got *half* a clue.

Pamela Jaye said...

has anyone found anything else about this show? production company? anything? it doesn't seem to exist outside the promo I saw. or else my research skills are just dreadful

Pamela Jaye said...

found some links

Wendy Bird said...

Keep in mind that this family was also begging for help from the beginning. They had two sets of twins from fertility treatments, then went for more and "ended up with six" (thank you, Kate for the quote.)

Their church newsletter asked that all donations be made out to the church with a notation that the money should go to the Hayes family. The church members were told that this would be a tax deductible donation because the checks were made out to the church.

It really bothers me that they say that Rebecca "took one for the team." She did not! She didn't ask to play the game in the first place.

robin said...

I will not be watching this show. I watched the special that they put out and already they were showing bathroom scenes. I can't imagine what else is coming if they are doing that in the 1st episode. I already feel guilty that I cannot stop watching the Gosselins. I will not get sucked into more child exploitation.

Toknowhim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog made some really good points... Blessings

Stephanie said...

This was posted 3/8/09 on TV under the title: TLC Adds to Its TV Family * ‘Table for 12’ Joins Big-Brood Lineup
By Jon Lafayette

I guess we have President and General Manager Eileen O’Neill to thank for revving up J&K, product placement ads in the shows, and the explosion of more, more, more greed on TLC.

Here's the article:
"TLC is adding another big family to its schedule.

The network—already home to “Jon & Kate Plus 8” and “18 Kids and Counting”—will launch “Table for 12,” featuring Eric and Betty Hayes and their 10 children,on March 23.

The large-brood shows have been a strong point for TLC, which has been turning around its ratings under new President and General Manager Eileen O’Neill. She helped develop “Jon & Kate” when she was at Discovery Communications.

TLC had been registering double-digit ratings declines when Ms. O’Neill joined the network in July. In the fourth quarter, total viewers were up 12% in primetime for the channel, which ranked 12th among ad-supported cable networks in that category.

“Ultimately TLC is about extraordinary people, sometimes in ordinary circumstances, sometimes in extraordinary ones. Our supersized families cover both,” Ms. O’Neill said.

“Table for 12” represents “a program that should be right at home for our viewers,” she said. “The success of ‘Jon & Kate’ and ‘Little People, Big World,’ which continue to outdo their previous season, suggests there’s an ongoing appetite.”

TLC also is confident that “Table for 12” will work because a special called “Twins, Twins and Sextuplets,” featuring the Hayes family, held onto a big audience after the popular Hawaii episode of “Jon & Kate” last year.

“Table for 12” will launch after the season finale of “Jon & Kate,” then move into “Jon & Kate’s” Monday night timeslot the following week.

Ms. O’Neill said TLC actually found the Hayes family before locating “Jon & Kate” stars Jon and Kate Gosselin, but the Hayeses didn’t want to do TV immediately after their sextuplets were born. Some time later, Lincoln Square Productions, part of ABC News, which has done a lot of stories on big families, told TLC the Hayeses were ready for a TV show. Ms. O’Neill said to sign them up.

Lincoln Square is producing the series for TLC.

These types of shows attract interest from advertisers looking to reach people with families who aren’t always interested in other TLC programming, including some in the food and insurance categories. Ms. O’Neill said.

“Table for 12” will include a number of product integrations, including one for a food product. The network also is doing custom spots that tie the show to a particular product.

“So far in the research we have done around ‘Jon & Kate,’ there’s high interest and tolerance for integration,” Ms. O’Neill sad. “The audience has an interest in what preferences Kate and Jon have.”

Ms. O’Neill said the network definitely has room for more of this type of shows. While Monday is TLC’s family night, the network has been running “18 Kids and Counting” on Tuesdays.

“They’re all very successful, with strong ratings growth on all of them,” she said. “As programmers, we’re often looking for the next generation. In this case, it’s literal and figurative.”
With the network’s interest in the big-family area fairly clear, it receives pitches for shows from production companies that have specific families in mind, as well as notes directly from large families.

In addition to series simply about the lives of unusual families, TLC is developing shows that insert family relationships into other genres. Some of those shows might be presented to advertisers when TLC and the other Discovery Networks host ad buyers later in March and in April.

Some of those shows involve family businesses, including a TLC project about a man who runs a food business with his his four sisters and their mom. Another features twins who have chosen the same occupation. There’s also a real estate show built around a family.

“So that familial strand will move beyond the pure family genre and really resonate in our other core genres,” Ms. O’Neill said.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Maybe having this new family having a TV show will mean that they will not be taking in Octomom soon. They can only do so many shows at one time. If this family takes off maybe they will do less shows for the Gosselins especially since they are not all that well liked.

When is the last date for Jon and Kate plus eight for this season?

They have a show called "Kids by the Dozen" however all those families are repeats. They have not put a new family on that show in ages.

Pamela Jaye said...

last S4 J&K is 3/23, but I heard season 5 starts in May...

Thougts4TwoCents said...

All I can do is frown. The Hayes are NO different then the Gosselin. Same stupid story or wanting more when they had plenty. Greed for more children is not really different then greed for anything else. And Rebecca is a reminder of their greed not them being noble. My brother had CP and it's not a life I'd wish on anyone. His suffering caused a lot of hardship both money and emotional in my family.
I wish more of these fertility freaks who can't say no or agree to reduction would understand that forcing a child to live with a handicap is not being a great parent. If they really wanted a sister for their daughter they could have fostered children. Heaven forbid it not be their own DNA. Gag me and I want watch them as I refuse to watch TLC and their exploitation and integration of product pitching in their sorry excuses of programs.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Why should they adopt if they wanted another? Who are you to say what they should or should not have done. I think a child with CP is worthy of having life however if we went along with what you have to say there would be several less children living on this earth and one less great show to watch on TLC.

Toknowhim said...

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Thanks and Blessings

Alyson said...

From the previews, it looks as if they will be doing more 'real' things, like having the sextuplets make dinner.
While I don't think it is a great idea, especially since Rebecca can't speak for herself, I'm looking forward to seeing if they are more like LPBW or J&K plus 8

happywithjusttwo said...

SuzanneDeAZ,I think we have a right to say that a family who already has four children can or cannot have more children when society is forced to pay for the care of additional children that they insist must come from their own dazzling DNA. I don't care if they are getting aid from the State or donations from their church. It's still welfare and completely unnecessary.

Couples who have had successful fertility treatments should not be allowed to seek more fertility treatments. It should be outlawed. If they want to raise children in need they can become foster parents or look into adoption. The entire idea of procreating just for the hell of it at the expense of society at large is absurd.

As for having less children on Earth. Guess what? The world is overpopulated and that overpopulation is one of the greatest dangers to the future of mankind in this century. God may want us all to have more children, but Mother Earth says "thanks but no thanks."

SuzanneDeAz said...

Personally I do not feel the earth is overpopulated. What about the baby boomers generation? They may not receive social security benefits cause the next generation is smaller and there will not be enough working bodies to support the larger retired generation.

happywithjusttwo said...

It's not a matter of personal opinion. It's a scientific fact. You can find some info on the subject at this site:

If you type in "world overpopulation" on Google there are several more references if you don't trust the one I linked.

Bottomline: We've got enough kids. The Social Security system is a whole other bag that has nothing to do with the big picture.

Amanda said...

Get over yourself...

Donations from when the kids are, diapers, clothes, milk, is not welfare.

They seem to take care of their children, the dad works, mom takes care of the kids.

Who are we to say it's not allowed. We do not live in China..geesh

Mom O' Trips said...

Already with the product placement with the Ragu. Saw the preview, shot of the Ragu, then the sponsorship and commercial for Ragu. How sad. They seem so level and well-adjusted. I guess until you are in their shoes, you just don't know what you'd do. The lure of money is strong.

Alyson said...

So far, I really can't find anything "wrong" with the show. The interviews are not on a set, and they are doing something "normal': making cards and a birthday cake for mom.

Erica said...

5 min in to the 2nd 30 min show, and I love this family - so very real compared to another "multiple multiples" family.

Birthday cards for mom! And they all get to pick the colors and designs they draw! And GLITTER! Dad giving an older child (Kevin?) responsibility and he loves it. So much for Kate wanting the tups to get the same experiences a singleton would have - she said it, they live it.

And I love the dad *sweeping* the toys in the one room.

Amber said...

I guess i'm a minority here, but i really enjoy the Hayes family. They seem more "real". They let the kids get dirty and be KIDS. J&K plus 8 annoys me. I hate that they don't get to be messy and enjoy being a kid. I feel sorry for them. As far as the child with CP is concerned, they don't really seem to make her a focal point of the show. Obviously she's included as she is part of the family, but they continuously showing clips of her. I think she's a beautiful girl and it breaks my heart. I can't see condeming parents for having kids and loving them. Yes the chances for medical problems are higher with multiples but singletons have birth defects too. They seem like a very happy well adjusted family. I hope they stay grounded.

Just wanted to say that Maddy on J&K plus 8 gets on my nerves, that child has no respect for anyone. I really hate that they don't address it. When they were in the new house and she was hitting on one of the little ones and all Kate had to say was for them to stay out of the room.. OMG. Ok i'm done ;)

Joanne said...

I really like the hayes family and I look forward to watching them. I wish Jon and Kate would just GO AWAY.
The hayes are very refreshing, normal, and take care of their own kids, without help. They arent begging for anything, and just showing their love and their lives.
These are parents who show their love for their kids and are involved. They seem to have a very fun relationship with each other and its great how they involve their kids, like baking the cake for Mom.
I love that they dont dress them the same and they let them be kids!

Pamela Jaye said...

they seem normal, and nice, good parents, no gimme's, compared to J&K. I like them. Also, their kids seem better behaved, as if the parents bothered to raise them. no one is batting each other over the head. i hear "he touched me" is normal.
We had a lot of Ragu as kids too.

it's nice to see a normal, if large, self-supporting family, that's not perfect, but not headed for years of therapy. and no more bathroom filming.

and no trips!

i'll watch.

Pamela Jaye said...

also loved how mom was not a spa person. and would rather spend money on and time with, her kids.
reminded me of my mother.

i would do a spa, but just for the massage! the rest just doesn't interest me. i've never had a manicure. nail polish is a waste on me. chips off and tnen looks crappy

Pamela Jaye said...

slightly off topic, kate should dump the show and focus on the endorsements. let people think she is supermom. the show is not helping that.

she's organized. she should focus on that. she's not good with people, just lists and such. leave the kids out of it.

hey, i can dream.

Doug said...

I really hope TLC reads these comments. Let the Hayes family be the Hayes family. Quit trying to turn them into the Gosselins.
That "gift of a spa day" was so contrived. It was something that the Dad would never have given and the Mom would never want! It was TLC's way of providing a diversion to get the Mom out of the house. So like a Gosselin dog and pony show.

Why not listen to what the Hayes family would be doing on such a day and show us that? That is actually interesting. How does a family of that size accomplish the every day business of living. What a concept!

I remember when going to the spa was foreign for Kate. I remember a time when she was far to busy to even think about taking time off for the spa. That was when their show was interesting. Now it's just a script of a group of spoiled brats taking the next freebie.

PLEASE don't turn the Haye's family into them. Maybe they actually know what the do on a daily basis, and maybe that is what we would like to watch.

Just a thought!

Pamela Jaye said...

Doug - hope you'll take a moment to email TLC and tell them this. I previously wrote them, when the special aired, as to how I preferred the Hayes to J&K and hoped to see more. (you may have to use a form on their site, but maybe not)

I did get a reply. It was only a semi-form letter.
"thanks for your comments, we'll consider them" beats "we have received your message and may or may not get back to you"

Andrea said...

I think many of you are missing the point. Just because these parents are "nice" and "caring" doesn't mean that it's ok to exploit their children by putting them in a reality show.

Children need privacy, and they are not able to consent or withhold consent for their participation in the show. Like the Gosselin kids, these children will become "celebrities", with all the baggage that comes with it.

Imagine what it must be like for Cara and Mady at school. Imagine the distorted image of the world they are growing up with. Some of the kids on this show are old enough to understand that they are contributing a substantial amount of money to the household. Imagine the pressure they will feel to maintain their parents' lifestyle once everyone gets used to it.

What concerns me the most is that all these kids are growing up learning that they're special simply because they are HOMs. Are they going to have to develop personalities and skills as they mature? Or are they going to believe that they can simply continue to cash in on who they are to succeed in life? I think the many tragic examples of child stars speak for themselves.

Also, what effect are these shows having on the rest of society? You can't really believe the Octomom didn't have something like this in mind when she decided to have "just one more"? HOMs are a meal ticket, and hers are already paying off. It perpetuates the idea that HOMs are a "gift from god", and that selective reduction is murder. Anyone undergoing fertility treatments such as these should not be allowed to do so if they express this belief.

We all think HOMs are so cute, but can you imagine what it must be like for these kids to grow up this way? Constant chaos, never getting enough attention from their parents, always having to compete, and always feeling like they are part of a freak show.

None of it sounds like any kind of happy childhood to me.

Unfortunately, TLC is part of our basic cable package, so I can't unsubscribe to. However, what I have done is take it off my channel list so that I won't ever be tempted by their commercials disguised as family entertainment again.

Three Amazing Kids said...

I have two special needs kids, and honestly I too wish they did not go there. As a parent with a kid with CP, I see so many little things on how they care for Rebekah that irk me. I also just feel like those kids need privacy. This is opening a whole can of worms for them that is not healthy.

SuzanneDeAz said...

So you would do things differently for your special needs children? So be it! Just cause this family does things differently does not mean they are not doijng the right things.

Three Amazing Kids said...


All of those kids in the family deserve privacy. They are children who are being turned into a reality freak show for profit. In the long run, it is not good for them. Special needs aside, it is not good for ALL of those kids. Add Rebecca and her needs into the mix, and it does make the situation worse for HER.

Pure and simple, this is child exploitation. Shows like these are what spurred Octomom to implant all six of her embroyos. We need them all to stop.

The family lives of children is not a spectator sport and turning a child's family into a reality TV show is sick.

SuzanneDeAz said...

I think the show can be done without have negative consequences. Each family is different.

Andrea said...

The only time I watched this show, they spent about 5 minutes on one of the kids pooping herself in a restaurant. She got it in her shoes.

How would you feel if this humiliating moment of your life was captured for all time? Then how would you feel if this extremely personal moment was broadcast on tv and posted on the internet?

Now go to school and grow up. Apply for a job. Be recognized. That poor little girl is never going to forget the day she pooped in her shoes.

Explain how this can be done without negative consequences?

SuzanneDeAz said...

They did not identify that child who pooped in her shoe. I doubt if that one incident is going to harm that child as you so speak.

Three Amazing Kids said...


How do you know it won't? How do you know that child will not be embarassed. They spoke about another kid who gets carsick easily and made a big deal about it. What about that child's privacy? Would you want all your embarassing childhood secrets announced to the world via television?

Andrea said...

What do you mean they didn't identify her? They showed her in the bathroom, and she's one of the sextuplets! Anyone who watched the show knows her full name. Do you really think this kind of stuff just disappears into the ether?

SuzanneDeAz said...

"you mean they didn't identify her? They showed her in the bathroom, and she's one of the sextuplets! Anyone who watched the show knows her full name. Do you really think this kind of stuff just disappears into the ether"

I think you are overreacting, majoring on minor things.

Three Amazing Kids said...


As a school teacher, you should see first hand how children are vicious and like to tease other children for the "little" things. You put kids on national television, and you are putting a bulls eye on their backs for ridicule and teasing. I am an adult and I can think up names the other kids at school could give the girl who pooped in her shoe. These shows are syndicated and reruns will be aired. When they are 7, 8, 9, 12, 15, 18, 25, ect these episodes will be still available on in the internet. They are now out there for everyone to see. You as an adult have control over what is put out about you. These kids do not. It is the job of their parents to protect their privacy. What their parents have done is put them on display as a freak show instead. It is sick and wrong and harmful.

jonnie said...

They are a different family from J&K+8 and LPBW... I think it is quite rude to put down Kate... she and Jon are doing what they can to be able to raise their children...If you don't like the show don't watch it.
This family is possibly doing this because it is hard financially raising 10 children, it looks like they live in a small house and that will probably change as did J&K's. I am sure they thought long and hard before signing up to do this.. we are not here to judge them..and in this society as it is you do what you need to do. The show has been hard on Jon & Kate...they probably don't need you you dumping on them...just my opinion

SuzanneDeAz said...

"I am sure they thought long and hard before signing up to do this.. we are not here to judge them..and in this society as it is you do what you need to do."

I agree. I think people are fretting too much over what "may" happen if this show is showing again when the kids are older and someone may "tease" them. Majoring one minors.

armyvetmom said...

I think this family is great!! For those that think they shouldnt be on tv because of their special needs child must not have one. I have an 8 year old boy with cp.cortical blindness,siezure disorder and gtube fed. I love what they are doing because they feel the dame as my husband and I . There are not alot of resources out there to help and to tell us what is out there. we only have each other. Keep up the great work. god bless kim breen frederick Md

Wendy Bird said...

armyvetmom said...

I think this family is great!! For those that think they shouldnt be on tv because of their special needs child must not have one.

You are wrong.

Froggus. said...

whilst the Hayes family appears, thus far.. to be extraordinarily relateable than Konopoly, i fear that it may only be a matter of time until the slippery slope a la TLC squeezes it's talons around these guys for all they're worth.

there are quite a large amount of differences, but the show still smacks EXCRUICIATINGLY of gosselin backwash.

i reckon only time will tell.

Three Amazing Kids said...

The children need to stop being forced to live in a fishbowl on a studio set with a hectic and demanding production schedule.

Child labor laws have to recognize that children in reality shows deserve the same protection that children in scripted shows have.

There has to be protection for the kids financially so that they will be able to share some of the profits from the endorsements, syndication, and the airing of the show like when you have a child who is on a scripted televison show.

Basically, these kids need to have the same laws that govern scripted television protect them. The same laws that protect scripted televison child actors income need to protect these kids.

Cute or not. Mellow or not. Like the Gosselins or not. The fact of the matter remains that TLC is using a loophole in the law to exploit ten children. These kids are not getting the protection under the law that they should and the child labor laws need to be changed for the welfare of these kids.

If that is majoring in the minors, then I am guilty as charged.

jonnie said...

How do you know what their production schedule is and that they are not protected by some labor laws? I don't see that they live in a fishbowl... they all attend school and activities that we do not have privy too. I think you may be a bit tooooo critical.

SuzanneDeAz said...

How do you know what their production schedule is and that they are not protected by some labor laws? I don't see that they live in a fishbowl... they all attend school and activities that we do not have privy too. I think you may be a bit tooooo critical."

I agree. Well said.

Three Amazing Kids said...

This is about J&K + 8 but it applies to this situation too!

September 5, 2008

Thank you for writing to A Minor Consideration and for sharing your views on "Jon & Kate." There are too many emails to answer individually (and that's a good thing, actually), so we hope you will understand this generalized 'fact sheet.' Our "position," with "Jon & Kate + 8" is essentially this:

"Jon & Kate + 8" is a commercial enterprise employing dozens of adults throughout the distribution and production chain. Raw footage is edited for entertainment value, which means content can be, and most certainly is, manipulated.

Eight children are in no position to disobey. They 'belong' to their parents who, by Law, are "entitled to their custody, income and services." That's straight out of American Common Law. The question is, do these "chattels" have rights?

"J&K+8" is not reality. The show is not a scientific study. Everyone knows, kids included, that cameras are present. There are sponsors and lucrative endorsements deals. A professional management firm handles hefty appearance fees, the impending DVD release, marketable books and publicity. Go here: An American Family.

We at AMC are not in the business of judging moral content, nor bent on removing distasteful or questionable shows from the air. Our focus will always be on the employment and utilization of children in what are loosely called entertainment vehicles. Our concerns stretch beyond the real-time involvement and inherent risks of the work place, to the distant and uncertain future of children who, denied the power to disagree with risky parental decision-making, will have to bear the unique and sometimes deadly consequences of fame, often involving circumstances where they were not adequately compensated for the unintended distortions that will, please believe us on this score, last a lifetime. The images never go away. Never. Go here: Dionne quintuplets.

We believe that well-compensated adults engaged on a project that employs children are in no position, morally, ethically or legally, to tell anyone that the children being recorded for commercial purposes are just "participants" and not performers. What's "good for the goose" must apply.

The child labor laws say this: "The continuing presence of children in the work place constitutes employment." This was the position of New Mexico in the aftermath of "Kid Nation" and it is generally utilized by the Department of Labor as a barometer to judge whether or not a child in a commercial environment where adults are being paid for their labor are workers in fact and deed or just along for the ride.

We also categorically state that the presence of cameras capturing the images of children are a de facto declaration of intent to broadcast such images (in any form) and thus are subject to the rules that 90 years of history have created, rules which the Business calls "Custom and Practice."

In the commercial world of television there are no innocent volunteers. From the background performers to the director and crew there are long-established union and non-union guidelines for compensation, and each adult engaged on a project works and is paid under their individual social security number. So, too, with children. Declaring that a child who appears on-camera is a voluntary participant virtually guarantees a lawsuit, now or later, whose basis is rooted in both employment law and civil rights. At eighteen, children may "Disaffirm" any contract not examined and approved by a Court and claim their just rewards.

A Minor Consideration believes that in cases of potential abuse the State must step in and act in loco parentis. If there are no Court Approved contracts for the Gosselin children we call upon the State of Pennsylvania under existing authority, to investigate the circumstances of the eight minors in "Jon & Kate" with an eye to ordinary film production's Custom and Practice in their jurisdiction. Are there work permits, limited hours, due consideration for actual or potential harm, and protection of the minor's income? Is federally mandated education in place? A Court-Appointed advocate must be appointed; an advocate independent of the parents and the production company with the power to actively intervene, if necessary.

In Hollywood, after decades of experience, children are accorded special status and have a Studio Teacher/Welfare worker present at all times. Working sets are required to have a credentialed first aid person to render immediate aid, if such is needed. Children own the money they earn and a portion of that income must be set-aside for the child's use upon reaching the age of majority. More progressive jurisdictions even have employment provisions that guarantee psychological help if such help is required well after the "employment" itself has been completed because if history has taught us anything, it has taught us that there will be consequences.

If you're wondering why we're worried about these children, or if you think the money will be enough to protect them, come what may, you might want to visit the aforementioned quick Links you managed to skip over and absorb the implications of these two readily available websites:
There is, you see, nothing new under the sun…or under the spotlight's glare.

cali1 said...

I love Table for Twelve.....The Hayes family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live the Duggars and Little People/Big World.

Jon and man-Kate needs to gobybyb she acts like she has a srew loose most of the time. She treats her husband like crap and how does she talk to the kids when the cameras are off????
She is just a little looney looney......ask her father/family